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LISTRONG share with you - how to protect wires and cables in winter?

LISTRONG share with you - how to protect wires and cables in winter?

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In winter, the outer skin of wire and cable often fall off. Now LISTRONG gives the following suggestions from each stage:

1. In transportation: when products are loaded on the transportation vehicle from the factory, they need to be kept warm and protected. For example, use closed transport vehicle to prevent direct exposure of products; put cable on soft cushion , such as bedding or softer foam, etc. when loading, handle lightly, at the same time avoid excessive bending of the product.

2.  When arriving at the destination or construction site, the supplier is better to arrange personnel to supervise, so as to prevent rough operation when unloading the product.

3. Storage: it is best to store the product in the room, and put isolation layer on the floor, such as boards, bedding, foam, etc., to prevent the product from being exposed to cold and damp. Prevent outer skin of wire and cable from scratching with the ground.

4. During laying and installation: it is better to work under warm temperature at noon or afternoon. If possible, warm up the product in advance with warm air blower to make product reach the best performance states. If buried, lay a protective layer, such as cloth and foam, in the cable trench. If it is through the pipe, it is necessary to ensure that the inside and outside of the pipe are smooth in advance, so as not to scratch the wire.

In short, cable and wire is fragile in winter, it needs our care. If you have better ideas, LISTRONG is willing to listen to your valuable suggestions.