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Operation specification of wire drawing machine

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Operation specification of wire drawing machine

(Summary description)1. Operation preparations<br> 2. Operation points<br> 3. Operation safety precautions

Operation specification of wire drawing machine

(Summary description)1. Operation preparations<br>
2. Operation points<br>
3. Operation safety precautions


1. Preparations

   1) Wear labor protection assembly

   2) Prepare various tools (wrenches, scissors, vise), measuring tools (vernier calipers, outside micrometers) and disk tools used in production.

   3) Check whether the circuits, instruments and machines are normal. The transmission parts should be filled with lubricating oil. The oil level indicator in the gear oil tank should be kept clean. Pay attention to the normal position of the oil in the mailbox.

  4) After starting the cooling lubricating fluid pump, check whether there is any leakage in each pipeline. Special attention should be paid to whether the lubricating fluid spraying at each die seat is normal, and whether there is drawing fluid at the exit of the die to avoid splashing the drawing fluid on the drawn aluminum wire. If any, it should be eliminated in time. Check whether the cooling water system is normal and whether the water flow is sufficient.

  5) Check whether the drawing dies are firmly clamped, whether the matching dies are correct and reasonable, and whether they are too expensive to meet the specified requirements.

2. Operation points

  1) Close the power switches in the power distribution cabinet.

  2) Threading: Threading wire is controlled by foot switch. Make the drawing machine run at a low speed and threading the wire. (The foot switch also doubles as a emergency stop). Pass through each die in turn. After the die is put through, pass through the fix speed capstan and the fixed die at the cooling air dry mouth pass through the pulley and then to the retracting the bobbin. Wrap and secure on the bopbbin. In the process of passing through the die, each die and cone should be cooled by the cooling lubrication liquid at the same time

  3) Wire drawing lubrication: During the process of threading, cooling liquid is used to cool each die and cone, and the flow of lubricating fluid is adjusted according to production needs to ensure sufficient lubrication. After the threading is completed, the water tank cover is closed.

 4) After threading, check whether the threading method is correct, close each protective cover, and adjust the drawing to cool the emulsion pool.

 5) Adjust the voltage of the take-up torque motor to ensure consistent take-up tension.

 6) Before starting the machine, put down the disconnection stop device, press the "start" button on the control panel, and the main machine will start to enter the drawing state. If the wire is disconnected, press the "stop" button to stop the drawing machine.

7) After starting the machine, check the wire diameter and surface quality and the wear of the drawing dies frequently, and solve the problems in time.

8) When changing the specifications, it should be carried out according to the process and dies. After a period of trial pulling, the machine should be stopped again to check whether it meets the requirements before formal production.

9) When it is required to stop, press the "Stop" button; when it needs to stop in an emergency, press the "Emergency Stop" button.

3. Safety precautions

 1) When starting up, the operator must wear protective glasses, and the protective cover and door of the equipment must be closed to prevent personal accidents.

2)It is strictly forbidden to start the motor with needle-nose pliers and metal objects.

3) The bobbin must be installed and clamped firmly.

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