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Fine wire drawing machine with integrated controller


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Fine wire drawing machine with integrated controller

Usage: Copper wire
Inlet: Ф0.6mm-Ф1.2mm
Outlet: Ф0.1mm-Ф0.3mm
Max.number of drawing dies:24
Max.speed: 2500mpm

 Product introduction 

LISTRONG-24DW Fine wire drawing machine with integrated controller

Suitable for drawing copper from Ф0.6mm-Ф1.2mm to Ф0.1mm-Ф0.3mm

 Technical parameters 

Model: LISTRONG-24DW Fine wire drawing machine with integrated controller

Serial No.




Inlet dia.



Outlet dia.



Max. drawing times



Drawing speed



Mode of transmission

By timing belts


Drawing capstan

Ceramic coated


Motor of drawing



Motor of take-up



Q: What's the difference between Integrated Controller and Electrical cabinet?

A: (1) Control type:

Traditional fine wire drawing machine is controlled with electrical cabinet, built in PLC, inverter, HMI and other control elements. PLC logically controls the whole machine, inverter controls driving power (motor), HMI and PLC exchange data for user operation and status display. So many electrical elements have to be installed together that electrical cabinet is much bigger. If failure occurs, the user shall have to check PLC, inverter, HMI and other electrical elements one by one, which will take a long time and sometimes very difficult to find real reason.


Anchi controller uses integrated control method with 3 boards: Control board, Capacitance board and Power board. The important part of control board is named Quad-Core CPU (Tesla Auto aslo uses the same) in control board. It has 4 threads(cores) data dealing channel, one line control main machine inverter drive, one line control take-up inverter drive, one line control traversing and last line deal with control logicality. Power board controls drive drawing motor and take-up motor. When controller fault happen, fault will show on the touch screen or text indicator directly, no need check fault error by manual. For example: When overloading happen on hardware, you needn’t check the reason one by one. You just need change new one and save much time, not delay machines’ production.

(Normally Anchi controller uses control of Text indicator and Button . As to small internal memory, Fault record and output record could not be used. Touch screen and its brand are optional. Kunlun Tongtai, Delta, SIEMENS and other brands are available.)


(2) Dust-proof treatment:

Long-time running will generate wet weather and copper powder. Fans cooling system are both used in the Inverter and Electrical Cabinet. Some copper powder will be blew into inverter through fans of inverter and electrical cabinet. Machine could recover if little copper powder is blow out. Much copper powder will make inverter broken directly. New inverter need to be installed on the electrical cabinet.

Aluminium plate cooling system is used to cool Anchi controller. Cooling liquid is installed on the Aluminium plate, water cooling and total sealed design. Wet weather and copper powder could not go into inside. It will reduce fault possibility.

Stainless steel pipe could be added into Aluminium plate and normally it is for 18.5KW or less 18.5KW machine

Working temperature is about 50 in India. As to aging problem, Anchi controller has successfully passed 8-hour aging test when machine’s fully loaded. It will alarm when temperature is over 80.



 Packing & Delivery

Packaging details: Steel pallet.

Delivery Time: within 30 working days after confirming the order of the wire drawing machine.

 Our Service

1>   The machine will be tested and checked at our workshop before delivery.

2>   Warranty: 13 months since the B/L date.

3>   After one year, we will supply accessories are provided only one the cost price.

4>   Free production technology and process configuration.

5>   Installation: Skilled technician to buyer’s country after confirmation that the goods arrived in site and civil works completed get ready for installation.

6>   We will reply you within 24 hours for any problem or requirement.





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