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Difference Between Single and Multi-inverter Controlled Wire Drawing Machines

Difference Between Single and Multi-inverter Controlled Wire Drawing Machines

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Nowadays, application of wire drawing machine is more and more common, among which there are some problems troubling the majority of users. For example, what is the difference between the wire drawing machine with single and multi-inverter control in the performance and application? which type is better to choose during production?


First of all, let's introduce the single inverter wire drawing machine. This kind of wire drawing machine usually adopts straight line structure, and the bearing positioning way is front and rear positioning, using framework oil seal. Its working principle is to collect the main pulse and receiving pulse signal and to control the tension, after processing by the PLC.This indicates that the tension has variable relative slip.

During production, the desired slip can be obtained by manual adjusting.Therefore, the single frequency drawing machine is more suitable for processing general copper wire, that is why the industry workers said that the single frequency is easy to operate.


The latter one is different either in structure or in principle, it is usually use vertical structure, bearing positioning is unilateral positioning, and use mechanical seal. The host and take-up unit are driven by individual motors, in order to make good linkage between the two motors, dual-inverter controlled wire drawing machine has gradually stepped into the era of dedicated take-up inverter for tension control, this method is very simple and easy to use. With the help of the role of the tension dancing arm, then transmit differential pressures from precision potential, through automatic calculation to achieve the effect of tension control.


Through the above analysis, we found that the two kinds of wire drawing machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. For the single frequency wire drawing machine, although it can achieve a higher processing speed, but its bearing is prone to problems, and the oil seal will also vulnerable, maintenance cost is relatively higher.

Dual-inverter controlled wire drawing machine is with the advantages of energy saving, durable, low maintenance costs, and do not have to worry about the problem of wear, but the speed is relatively limited, and if the die wear is easy to lead to the problem of wire-break.