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Operation and maintenance of wire drawing machine

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Operation and maintenance of wire drawing machine

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Operation and maintenance of wire drawing machine

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-09 09:59
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Before processing the wire drawing machine, operators should read the operation manual carefully to understand and grasp the technical data. During processing, select and confirm the drawing dies correctly and carry out the machine in accordance with operation rules. Wire processed by wire drawing machine should be handled with care to avoid the products being damaged.


The outside and surrounding of the equipment should be clean, tidy and hygienic.


Check whether the wire drawing oil, cooling water, compressed air pipelines and joints need to be adjusted.

The water in the steam generator (if any) should be removed promptly after working every day.


Check the wear condition of drawing dies, drawing capstans, pulleys and belts regularly, and update it when necessary.

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