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17DCT Medium Wire Drawing Machine with Continuous Annealing


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17DCT Medium Wire Drawing Machine with Continuous Annealing

Inlet diameter:Φ3.0mm-Φ3.5mm
Outlet diameter:Φ0.8mm-Φ2.8mm Or Φ0.5mm-Φ2.0mm
Max. number of drawing dies:17pcs

 Product Introduction 


1.The design of the whole machine is apply human and mechanical engineering principal, reasonable and reliable in structure and easy operated.

2.The medium wire drawing machine is developed and designed based on sophisticated technology abroad. The transmission part of the main machine applied the high precision sturdy helical gear, the gear is using high precise grinding craft, which ensure the high precision and low noise of the machine.

3.Complete immersed cooling method ensures the sufficient immersed of wire and drawing die in the drawing lubricant, which not only help to get good surface of the wire, but also prolong life span of the drawing die and capstan. The drawing capstan and fix speed capstans are tungsten coated.


 Technical Parameter 


Inlet diameter Φ3.0mm-Φ3.5mm
Outlet diameter Φ0.8mm-Φ2.8mm Or Φ0.5mm-Φ2.0mm
Max. speed 1200mpm
Max. number of drawing dies 17pcs
Slip ration of M/C 18%
Fix speed capstan ratio 12.5%
Capstan Tungsten coated
Max. capstan dia. Φ260mm
Frame Welded
Main machine power 45KW AC motor
Take up power 15KW AC motor
Annealer driving motor 11KW Or 7.5KW AC motor
Dynamic control Double frequency inverters control
Transmission method By gear
Pay off method Over head
Traversing method Decelerate motor
Tension control Pneumatic balance by swing arm
Lubrication system of drawing Half-immersing+Spray type
Suitable spool Φ630mm/Max.
Take up capacity 1200-1800KGS
Brake  Pneumatic brake


 Main Components of Machine 


S/N Component Picture Remark
1 Pay off stand 1 set
2 Pointing machine 1 set
3 Main machine 1 set
4 Annealing machine 1 set(Optional)
5 Dancer 1 set
6 Take up machine without shaft 1 set
7 Console 1 set


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